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Sustainable Investing

We help our clients achieve their financial goals while adhering to their beliefs and mission.

Your path to ESG investing

Why investing in ESG matters

Who we are defines how our future will be like. In today's complex financial world, we approach global challenges from multiple perspectives.

By embedding ESG principles across our financing chain, we empower SMEs in Singapore with multifactored solutions. We offer superior returns with our ESG measured campaigns.

Our ESG framework

Whilst ESG continues to evolve, infund aims to lead the charge on marketplace lending with sustainable practices and investing, consumers and employees are increasingly looking for businesses that share their values. We open ourselves to ESG opportunities and offer opportunities.

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Economic Benefits

The matrix relates to measurement on reduction of negative externalities in the business operations of the company. Common indicators can include variables such as carbon emission, energy efficiency, product carbon footprint and even climate change vulnerability. 

Environmental Benefits

This involves the people or communities outside of the company such as the society, community, interactions as well as aspects within the organization such as business ethics, diversity and organizational policies. Indirect issues inclusive of employment and geopolitical events falls within the social factor as well. That being said, social factors are not necessarily judged by the consumers. Common indicators can range from the frequency of donations, working conditions, well being of the employees, diversity and inclusion of organization's workforce to the relationship with suppliers’ and the interest of stakeholders.

Health Benefits

A factor well often forgotten within the SMEs during the fight to survive the pandemic along considerations over environmental issues. Governance pertains to multiple factors from policy making and implementation to compliance with regulations such as information disclosure, what one would term, transparent. Common indicators include the reporting structure of management to directors inclusive of independent approvals, compliance to regulatory guidelines, incident reports, mitigating actions and audit trails.

We harness collaboration to drive change.

If you have a great idea on how we can accelerate the evolution of ESG, Please click here to contact us.

Where do I find your ESG ratings?

Login to your Dashboard.

View the Campaigns,

You can locate the ESG rating of the campaign on the top of the cover photo. 

Conduct your due diligence.

Conduct your due diligence on the company before making your investments.

We're here if you need us.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to talk to a person. Feel free to contact us by clicking on the "Contact us" button. You can also find more information by investing some time in our FAQ. We are always on stand by to answer your questions.

Rewarding Decisions.

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