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SME Investing

Tap into an alternate way of investing into high-growth SMEs in Singapore through our proprietary portal.

SME Investng

A comprehensive Crowdfunding platform.

In the face of challenging and uncertain times, infund's eco-system helps creditworthy SMEs source additional financing support. Leveraging on our proprietary technology, empower yourself with the access to a suite of debt investment solutions. With your funds, SMEs can now focus on growing their businesses, while investors can generate superior returns.

Build a Diversified & Sustainable Portfolio

We offer to you credit worthy businesses in categories like clean energy, tech, and food & beverage to allow a customized portfolio of investments that you believe in.

Utilize our Customized analytics and insights

We deliver to you detailed reports and insights that facilitate streamlined workflows, maximized efficiency and risk considerations.

A secure and resilient network

We earned the trust of our investors through our robust infrastructure, designed to create an optimal investment journey.

Government authorized

With our capital market license (CMS-100568-1), we follow a stringent set of requirements set out under the Securities and Futures Act and the Financial Advisers Act.

Investing made simple.

Whether you are an institution, a family office, an individual, a wealth manager or a financial advisor, we house processes that allows you to make your investments with ease.

simple invest

Simple steps to start building a portfolio uniquely yours.

Start with a curated interest like Sustainability, create a free account and start searching, analyzing, investing and lastly, monitoring your investments. We offer campaigns across categories from clean energy, energy efficiency, food & beverage, engineering and more.

We make it easy — and safe — with our auto allocation service to enable speedy investing to your risk and industry preference without the hassle of logging in.



Are there any Fees?

  • Yes, there is a Investor Servicing fee of flat 1% of the repayment.


What are the returns I expect

  • You can expect a flat interest rate of average 8% and above.

Registration & Privacy

Personal Documents

  • Proof of Identity.

  • Proof of residence.

  • A copy of your Bank Statement.


Invest a little time in our knowledge base.

Unsure if you are eligible?

You can register for a free account if you meet the following criteria:
(1) 18 years old or above;
(2) A Singapore citizen or permanent resident, foreigner (with a valid passport) residing in Singapore with a valid employment pass, dependent’s pass or student pass;
(3) Have a banking account with a local bank or a foreign qualifying full bank in Singapore; and,
(4) Met the investor qualification and/or suitability requirements as assessed by infund.

Rewarding Decisions.

For a start, please tell us your name and your email address for us to send important correspondences.

      Please acknowledge that you've read and understood our Terms of Service (Issuer), Terms of Service (Payee), Code of Conduct, and Privacy and Data Protection Policy. Your use of infund services is subject to these policies and terms.


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