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Commitment to our future first.

Sustainable Financing

Sustainable Financing

Empowering the future.

Empowering SMEs isn't just enough. At infund, we aim to drive the evolution of ESG. With our resources, connections and years of experience within the industry, our network has given us exceptional views of the evolutions in ESG. We continue to create unique strategies that positions us to collaborate with our partners and customers to drive impact locally and globally.

Our ESG focus

At infund, we focus on a number of ESG projects or businesses for our investors. In line with the 17 SDG and Singapore's 2030 Green plan.

Pollution Prevention and Control

Projects or businesses that minimize air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, soil remediation, waste prevention, waste reduction, waste recycling, and energy/emission - efficient waste to energy.

Sea Pollution

Sustainable Water  and Wastewater  Management

Projects or businesses relating to clean and/or drinking water infrastructure, wastewater treatment, sustainable urban drainage systems, river training, and other flood control measures.

Electric Car

Clean  Transportation

Projects or businesses that encourage low-cost and environmentally  sustainable ways of transportation such as electric, hybrid, public, rail, non-motorized, multi-modal transportation, clean energy vehicle infrastructure, and emissions reduction.

Solar Panels

Energy Efficiency

Projects or businesses involving the use of smart technology and/or systems in new and existing buildings to improve energy  management.

Land Mining

Environmentally Sustainable  Management of Living Natural Resources and Land Use

Projects or businesses involving environmentally sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry, climate smart farm inputs, environmentally sustainable fishery and aquaculture, and environmentally sustainable forestry.

Variety of Coins

Eco-Efficient and/or Circular Economy

Projects or businesses relating to expenditures and/or investments for the development and implementation of environmentally sustainable products, including eco-label or environmental certification, resource-efficient packaging, and distribution.

Not too sure about the categories?

Not to worry even if you don't belong to the categories above, our relationship managers are on standby to answer to your queries. Aside from that, we have a comprehensive questionnaire to measure your ESG rating.

We're here if you need us.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to talk to a person. Feel free to contact us by clicking on the "Contact us" button. You can also find more information by investing some time in our FAQ. We are always on stand by to answer your questions.

How it works?


To start your application for a business loan, sign up for an account here

Funding Process

Our team will contact you and guide you through the process. Once we understand your business's needs, we will require you to submit some documents for verification and review. 

Get your loan

Once approved, we can launch the funding campaign now!  You can log in to your dashboard to see your campaign progress and accept the funds once funding period is over. 

Not too sure if you are eligible?

Business Loans

  • Access funds from $5,000 to $5 million under Small Offers Exemption.

  • Access funds above $5 million under Private Placement Exemption.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Your business is a Singapore-registered Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnership entity.

  • Minimum in operations of 3 months.

Application Process

  • Apply any time of the day.

  • Fill in application form with all relevant information and documents.

  • The application takes 5 minutes to apply.


Processing Time

  • Upon verification and approval, your loan gets listed on our platform to be funded by investors.

  • Get your loan as fast as 3hours.*

  • For more information check our Support Center.

We harness collaboration to drive change.

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Realizing Dreams.

For a start, please tell us your name and your email address for us to send important correspondences.

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