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IN-Shield Investing


IN Fund presents IN-Shield, where investments are layered with added protection by Cash-IN-Asia, a subsidiary under INFT Group.

Cash-IN-Asia has been in the SME lending business for over 5 years, disbursing more than $15 million in capital to support the growth and success of SMEs.

With its proprietary credit engine to assess creditworthiness of its customers, this enables Cash-IN-Asia to make informed lending decisions. Thorough credit evaluation process and stringent standards help ensure the SMEs have the capabilities to service the loans on a sustainable basis.


Cash-IN-Asia proactively manages their risks by incorporating a margin for defaults in their overall performance management. This margin serves as a financial buffer, allowing them to absorb any potential losses without compromising the returns for our investors.


Auto Invest

Investors subscribing to IN-Shield has to be on the Auto Investment scheme. The 
Auto Allocation tool will then automatically allocate the investor's funds to the notes issued under IN-Shield.

As funds are returned from investments (e.g., interest payments or dividends), the Auto Allocation tool automatically reinvests these funds into new opportunities, helping to compound returns over time.

This ensures that idle cash is promptly reinvested under IN-Shield.


With IN-Shield, Investors will receive scheduled monthly payments of Principal and Interests regardless of the repayment statuses made by the SMEs.

Expected Return

The rate of return (net of fees and charges) for IN-Shield is up to 12% p.a.

I Shield with IN-Shield

To subscribe to IN-Shield, please leave us your contact details below and our customer support team will contact you shortly. 

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