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Business Financing

Make the most out of the opportunities that come your way. Join the businesses that enjoy simple and quick access to loans, some in as fast as a day.

Business Financing

Pre-Revenue Stage?

Interest rates from 7.823% p.a. flat.

Up to 24 months tenure.

Solutions designed for you.

Safe, simple, and affordable.

Access funds up to S$5,000,000, no collateral needed.

Cash disbursed in as fast as 3 hours.

I need S$


months term payment.

Estimated monthly repayment based on equal installment note and 18%* annual rate:

/ month

Estimated Total Interest payable:

Accelerate your business with infund. Apply and get your loan in just 1 day! 

*Please note that all interest rates are subjected to the outcome of your credit assessment.

Some products that we offer

Equal Instalment

A fixed repayment, consisting of a principal component and interest (interest is calculated based on a reducing balance of the amortize schedule) will be paid to investors monthly. The tenure for this note is up to 24 months.

Invoice Financing

Invoice based fast drawdowns.

Revolving Credit line

A flexible revolving line of credit up to $1 million with tenor up to 24 months.

Interest Only

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Investors will receive interest on a quarterly basis. A lump-sum repayment consisting of the final interest and total principal will be paid at maturity, or upon redemption if the Issuer chooses to exercise the option of early redemption. Callable Notes are for tenures up to 12 months.

Buy Now Pay Later

Splits the bill into 6 equal payments with 0% interest.

Is your business or project related to the below?

Pollution Prevention and Control

Sustainable Water  and Wastewater  Management

Clean  Transportation

Energy  Efficiency

Environmentally  Sustainable  Management of Living Natural Resources and  Land Use

Eco-Efficient  and/or Circular  Economy

How it works?


Funding Process

Our team will contact you and guide you through the process. Once we understand your business's needs, we will require you to submit some documents for verification and review. 

Get your loan

Once approved, we can launch the funding campaign now!  You can log in to your dashboard to see your campaign progress and accept the funds once funding period is over. 

Not too sure if you are eligible?

Business Loans

  • Access funds from $5,000 to $5 million under Small Offers Exemption.

  • Access funds above $5 million under Private Placement Exemption.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Your business is a Singapore-registered Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnership entity.

  • Minimum in operations of 3 months.

Application Process

  • Apply any time of the day.

  • Fill in application form with all relevant information and documents.

  • The application takes 5 minutes to apply.


Processing Time

  • Upon verification and approval, your loan gets listed on our platform to be funded by investors.

  • Get your loan as fast as 3hours.*

  • For more information check our Support Center.

borrower eligibility
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Realizing Dreams.

For a start, please tell us your name and your email address for us to send important correspondences.

      Please acknowledge that you've read and understood our Terms of Service (Issuer), Terms of Service (Payee), Code of Conduct, and Privacy and Data Protection Policy. Your use of infund services is subject to these policies and terms.

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