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Automatically invest in a broader basket.

Build your automated personalized portfolio of debt investments on local SMEs. This convenient service enables all qualified investors to set their investment preferences and participate in a campaign without having to login to the platform.

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Investment frequency

Interest rate Preference

Industry Preference


Faster investing, Greater goals.

Get more time for greater goals. Just set your investment preference, and we’ll match campaigns automatically. A brilliantly personalized diversification designed to grow your wealth.

A better return, on time.

Keep your eyes on your busy schedule or anything else. Your portfolio will be automatically diversified according to your preference without the hassle of logging in. 

No Fees charged on your automation.

There are no fees charged for the subscription of our Auto-Allocation system.

How to apply?

Login to your Dashboard.

Simply log in to your dashboard to find the auto allocation service.

Find the Auto Allocation subscription.

You can locate the Auto Allocation subscription button on your dashboard. Sign up for the auto allocation service 

Set up and relax.

Set up your preferences and let it run on its own!

We're here if you need us.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to talk to a person. Feel free to contact us by clicking on the "Contact us" button. You can also find more information by investing some time in our FAQ. We are always on stand by to answer your questions.

Rewarding Decisions.

For a start, please tell us your name and your email address for us to send important correspondences.

      Please acknowledge that you've read and understood our Terms of Service (Issuer), Terms of Service (Payee), Code of Conduct, and Privacy and Data Protection Policy. Your use of infund services is subject to these policies and terms.


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