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  • What happens if infund goes out of business?
    infund has put in place comprehensive arrangements so that in the event that infund goes out of business, the notes that have been successfully issued on the platform will be unaffected and investors will continue to receive their monthly repayments. As investors are financing directly to businesses, the parties to the note are between the Investors and the Issuers. These contracts remain in place and are unaffected. infund has entered into a backup servicing arrangement to transfer the servicing functions of all outstanding notes to provide continuity in the event that infund becomes insolvent. In the event of business cessation by infund, a written notice shall be published to all Issuers and Payees of existing Notes on the takeover by the designated backup service provider. The backup service provider shall be entitled to charge each Payee a service fee, on such periodic basis as notified to the Payees. Service fees charged shall not exceed the level of investor servicing fee charged by infund previously. The backup service provider will carry out the following activities: Maintain an account under a licensed financial institution in Singapore, for the purpose of receiving and holding the monies of the Issuers and Payees of existing Notes. Consolidating monthly installments from the Issuers and making payments to the registered bank accounts of the Payees of existing Notes at the end of every three (3) months. Maintaining records of all transactions relating to the Notes Responding to queries of the Issuer and Payees of existing Notes Recovery of partial repayment, missed repayment, late or non-payment of Issuers
  • How does infund's platform work?
    With the innovation found only at infund, the platform provides Investors and Businesses with two allocation mechanisms: 1) First-Come-First-Served; and 2) Auction – similar to reversed-Dutch auction and COE bidding exercise.
  • What if there is a breach of the Code of Conduct by a member?
    infund reserves the right to suspend or terminate a member’s account if it appears an account has been used in breach of the Code of Conduct or any applicable laws. Click HERE to read the Code of Conduct.
  • Who can access the platform?
    Only registered and qualified members (with Investor or Business accounts) of infund can gain access to the information and services provided by the platform. Information provided on our platform is strictly confidential. Identification proofs are required and will be verified when creating an account with us. To sign up for an account, please visit
  • How do I change or reset my password?
    If you’ve forgotten your password, you can trigger a password reset from our Login page. If you hadn’t forgotten your password but would like to change it, please log into your dashboard and go under your Account Settings and amend the profile:
  • Is infund regulated by the MAS?
    Yes, infund is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). We have been issued a Capital Markets Services License (No. CMS100568-1) on 11 November 2016. Prior to launching our platform in November 2014, infund had consulted with the MAS and obtained clearances that our business model (of facilitating the issuance of promissory notes by businesses through our platform) does not infringe on existing regulations.
  • How do I close my infund account?
    If you wish to close your infund account, please submit a ticket at: Please provide us with a scanned copy of your NRIC/Passport/FIN Card/Relevant Identification documents, including the message stating 'Please close my account.' Please ensure all available funds are withdrawn before closing the account. The guide on the withdrawal of funds is below. Please allow us up to 3 business days to process the account closure. Once the process has been completed, an email notification will be sent to you indicating that the account has been closed.
  • Will infund verify the document that we have submitted?
    Where possible, when documentary proofs are submitted, the infund team verifies the information as an independent third party.
  • What is infund?
    Using information sourced from official sources and information providers, infund reviews all applications before Businesses (corporates and limited liability partnerships) are allowed to list on the platform. Investors then select which Businesses they wish to invest in by submitting their offers on our platform. Investors can spread their risks by investing in different businesses. With infund, businesses can raise funds from the ‘crowd’, diversify their source of financing and become empowered to accept their target interest rates. On the other hand, investors gain access to opportunities with potentially more attractive yields and participate together with businesses in their journey for growth. Please read our Terms of Service (Issuer), Terms of Service (Payee), Code of Conduct, and Privacy and Data Protection Policy. Your use of infund's services is subject to these policies and terms.
  • What is infund’s track record?
    infund is the pioneer digital lending platform established in Singapore. We are also the FIRST to obtain a full Capital Market Services License (CMS-100568-1) from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As at end of July 2018, we have completed over 670 campaigns and raised more than S$64M on our platform. With more than 14,000 investors registered on our platform, we were able to achieve 12%-15% weighted median risk-adjusted returns for our investors.
  • What is infund’s loan default rate?
    Default Rate = Amount of Outstanding Loan Repayment Monies in Default Total Amount of Loans Disbursed The default rate is computed by taking the amount of outstanding loan repayment monies in default divided by the total amount of loans disbursed since our first campaign that was launched in November 2014. At infund, a loan will be classified as doubtful if an issuer fails to repay its loan obligations 120 days after the initial loan repayment due date. This will also be reflected in your “Investments” on your dashboard.
  • What is infund’s role to both Investors and the Issuer (SME)?
    infund’s principal role is to: Perform introductory functions on behalf of prospective Issuers and Investors for the issuance of notes. Provide a streamlined process for the issuance of notes (including the development of standard contract notes). Facilitate the payments and collection of sums due under or in connection with those Notes (including taking certain actions on behalf of investors upon an issuer’s default or if the issuer becomes, or is likely to become, insolvent). infund is not a party to the Note.
  • What are contract notes?
    Contract notes are issued through the platform where the Investors and Issuers (SME) are contractual parties to each note. infund is not a party to the contract. These contract notes are enforceable in Singapore. Each contract is formed after a process of offer and acceptance occurring electronically on the platform.
  • Why did infund introduce the Investor Service Fee?
    The Investor Servicing Fee is levied in consideration of infund’s role in administrating and facilitating the issue of the Promissory Note.
  • May I unsubscribe Auto-Allocation Service after subscription?
    Yes. However, please note that campaigns that have previously been allocated will remain.
  • How much is the Investor Service Fee?
    The Investor Servicing Fee will be a flat charge of 1% on all repayments that the investor receives from their investments on the platform.
  • Do Investors have a choice to opt out of the Investor Service Fee?
    Investors will not be able to opt-out of the Investor Servicing Fee as long as they have successfully invested in a campaign launched on and after 11 December 2017.
  • How long does infund take to process my registration as a qualified Investor?
    We will take up to three business days and notify you of your registration outcome through your registered email with us.
  • Am I subjected to the Moneylending Act?
    We have obtained confirmation from the Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office (IPTO) that the activities by investors on the platform do not fall under the purview of the Moneylenders’ Act.
  • When will infund implement the Investor Servicing Fee?
    The Investor Servicing Fee will be implemented for all investment campaigns involving business loan products that are launched from 11 December 2017 onwards.
  • How will I know if there are new campaigns being launched on your platform?
    There are several ways to be informed of new campaign launches: 1) Use Auto Allocation Auto Allocation is a free tool that enables all qualified investors to set their investment preferences and participate in a campaign without having to log in to the platform. You can read more about it here. 2) Log In Daily When you log into your dashboard, you can see available open campaigns at the bottom of your page. You can also sort the campaigns according to what you would like to see:
  • Are the interest returns that I earn from my investments on the infund platform taxable?
    The monies which you invest in our platform are loans to Issuers (which are Businesses), and therefore can be classified as “loans to companies”. The returns which you receive from your investments are interests from these loans. You may wish to view the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s web page on the taxation of interest at the following links: (a) For Singaporeans: (b) For Foreigners: Unfortunately, we are not able to provide tax advice. Please consult an accountant, lawyer, or other professional advisers if you require advice regarding your taxes.
  • Will I be able to get the detail of past campaign(s) that have been closed?
    You will only have access to the detail of past campaign(s) if you had successfully invested in them. You may view this in the ‘Investments‘ section of your dashboard.
  • How do I upload my registered bank detail if my account is a passbook saving account?
    If your account is a passbook savings account, you could upload an image of your passbook showing: 1) Full Name 2) Bank Account Number
  • What are the benefits of Auto Allocation?
    After you have subscribed to Auto Allocation, you no longer need to manually log into our platform to submit an investment offer. Furthermore, the allocation of the investment funds is prioritized over an Investor who chooses to submit an investment offer directly.
  • What happens to my funds after making an offer?
    The funds will be earmarked for that particular note subscription and cannot be used to make another offer unless it is first withdrawn. For example, you have S$2,000 in your account. After making an offer of S$1,000 to a prospective Issuer, the S$1,000 will be earmarked leaving S$1,000 available for you to make another offer or to withdraw.
  • I am a foreigner and not residing in Singapore. Am I still eligible to register as an Investor on infund’s platform?
    infund is currently reviewing its processes and is currently not accepting any new investors who are non-resident foreigners onto our platform.
  • What else do I need to do after I have completed my “Investor Profile Registration Form”?
    Once you have completed the “Investor Profile Registration Form”, you will be receiving an email from us. The email will notify you to upload the following documents to your infund investor dashboard: 1. A soft copy of your bank statement which shows your full name, the bank name, and bank account number that you’ve provided us when you sign up for an infund Investor Account AND 2. A screenshot of a successful online fund transfer to infund (any amount) from the same bank account number that was provided to us when you signed up for a infund Investor Account. Please assist to ensure that you key in your full name and NRIC/FIN/Passport no. in the Comment/Remark/Message field. This way, our system will be able to match your fund transfer to your infund account. An example of it is shown here: Once you have uploaded the document and we have verified your bank account, an email notification will be sent to you. The email will read: “Congratulations! Welcome to the infund Investor Community”. Why does infund need to verify your bank account? IN FUND PTE. LTD. is licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and holds a Capital Markets Services License (CMS-100568-1). In compliance with MAS regulation, we are required to verify that you have a valid Singapore bank account.
  • I have forgotten the answer to the security question to reset my password, how do I proceed from here?
    Simply submit an image of your NRIC (Front & Back)/Passport/FIN Card/Student card number (Front & Back) to our email. Please allow up to 3 business days to resolve the issue. Once it has been resolved, we will be contacting you.
  • I am unable to upload any of the required documents whilst trying to complete the “Investor Profile Registration Form”, how do I resolve this?
    We will encourage you to verify if the document(s) that you had uploaded is an accepted file format (i.e. jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, gif) on our platform and if the size of your file had exceeded our file size limit of 10MB. If you still encounter problems uploading your documents, please submit your documents in one of the above-said formats to our email, and we will be contacting you soon to help you resolve the issue.
  • How do I register as an Investor on infund?
    To get started on infund, you would need to create an account here at: You might want to have these required documents prepared: 1) Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents - NRIC (Front & Back), Foreigners residing in Singapore - Passport. 2) Foreigners residing in Singapore - Proof of Singapore residence (eg. employment pass, dependent’s pass, student pass) 3) Proof of address - Copy of utility/telecoms bill or correspondence from a Singapore bank/credit card company/insurance company clearly showing your name and Singapore residential address 4) A copy of your bank statement, clearly showing your name and bank account number that you have registered with.
  • What is the maximum amount that I can invest in any campaign?
    The maximum amount that you can invest at any time after the launch of any campaign is limited by the remaining funding amount required in order for the campaign to be fully funded. For example, if an SME wishes to raise S$100,000 from a campaign and it is 80% (i.e. $80,000) funded at the time you intend to invest, then the maximum amount you may invest in this campaign will be limited to S$20,000 ($100,000-$80,000).
  • Does infund charge fees to investors who invest on the platform?
    Yes, an investor who has made investments on our platform will be charged an Investor Servicing Fee. The Investor Servicing Fee is a payment made by investors in consideration of infund’s role in administrating and facilitating the issue of Promissory Notes. Additionally, starting from 01 APRIL 2020, infund will be implementing a Dormant Payee Annual Service Fee of S$50/year (inclusive of GST). This is to cover the operational costs of maintaining investors' accounts with no activity over an extended period of time. Payees (Investors) who have (a) no active promissory notes (i.e. either no investments in any notes or invested notes have all matured; (b) no new investments in the last 12 months will be considered as Dormant. For the avoidance of doubt, on 01 APRIL 2020, Payees with no active notes and where the last investment predates 31 MARCH 2019 will be classified as Dormant and the Annual Service Fee of S$50/year will be applied.
  • How does infund assess the risk profile of potential Issuers (SMEs)?
    We conduct checks on the identity of potential Issuers (i.e. businesses) and personal/corporate guarantors. A comprehensive financial and business profile analysis of potential Issuers is also administered to ascertain the financial ability of Issuers to make repayments. We verify the authenticity of the information, through third-party data providers. Our in-house credit team has developed a proprietary credit assessment model that assesses potential Issuers (SMEs) according to the nature and outlook of the industry, the strength of their financial and overall business model, as well as the background and character of their Directors.
  • How does an “Auction” work?
    The following illustrates how an “Auction” work:
  • Do I have to fund my account before making an investment (also known as an ‘offer’)?
    Before placing an offer, you need to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your infund account, otherwise, the offer cannot be submitted.
  • As an Investor, am I empowered to change my personal particulars as reflected on my infund dashboard?
    As we are regulated by MAS, we need to ensure the information provided by our Investors is accurate and up to date. As such, any changes to the details stated below should be informed to our team by raising a ticket here. 1. Full Name (As per NRIC) 2. NRIC/Passport no. 3. Nationality 4. Address 5. Copy of your bank statement, clearly showing your Name and Bank Account no.
  • How does infund mitigate the risks of the possibility that the SMEs may default on their repayment?
    At infund, we have put in place a stringent credit assessment process where we conduct checks on the identity of potential Issuers (i.e. businesses) and personal guarantors as well as a comprehensive financial and business profile analysis of potential SMEs, so as to ascertain that they have the financial ability to repay the loan principal and interest to Investors. To ensure that the information provided by SMEs is accurate, we verify the authenticity through third-party data providers. In addition for unsecured loans, to safeguard the interest of Investors, we ensure that the loan is backed by at least one personal/corporate guarantor.
  • I have problem with setting up my password to register as an Investor, how do I resolve this?
    To set up your password, please ensure that it contains the following: 1. At least one lower-case letter 2. At least one upper-case letter 3. At least one number 4. At least one special character (!@#$%^&*) 5. 8 Characters or more For example: inFUND@1234
  • Will the Investor Service Fee be applicable to all of infund's investment products?
    No. The 1% Investor Servicing Fee will only be applicable to the business loan products.
  • Will I be able to withdraw an investment campaign after I have submitted my offered?
    All investment (i.e. subscription) offers that are made on our platform are final and cannot be withdrawn unless the remaining Investors’ offers are sufficient to fully fund the Issuer’s loan quantum (i.e. in an auction campaign that is over-subscribed) or when the campaign you had invested in is not accepted by the Issuer (SME) or is being withdrawn. We will refund the monies that you invested in the campaign if it is not successfully executed.
  • How long will infund revert to me on the outcome of my submitted “Investor Profile Registration Form”?
    We will reply to you on the outcome via email within 3 business days after you have submitted the form online. If you are still unable to make an investment on our platform, you may want to check that you have submitted the following: 1) NRIC (Front & Back) 2) Proof of Residence 3) A copy of your bank statement, clearly showing your name and bank account number you have registered with Alternatively, you may contact via our email.
  • Will all Investors on infund’s platform be required to set up the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?
    Yes, all Investors are required to set up the Two-Factor Authentication to access their accounts. This is only required to be set up ONCE.
  • How long will an investment campaign be made available to investors?
    All investment campaigns will be made available for investment until it is fully funded by Investors, accepted by the Issuer, or when 14 days have passed since its launch, whichever is earlier.
  • How may I enable / disable the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) ?
    You may enable/ disable the Two-Factor Authentication ( 2FA) by clicking ‘My Account’ ( top right of dashboard) > ‘ Settings’. Select the ‘2FA’ tab. You will see a screen similar to the image below. Accept the terms and toggle according to your preference of ‘Yes’ or ‘ No’.
  • As an Investor, why should I consider investing my monies on your platform?
    As infund has been accorded a full Capital Market Services (CMS) license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) since November 2016, you can be assured that you are dealing with a regulated entity by the government. An entity regulated by MAS is assessed to be competent and capable of meeting the high regulatory standards required by the latter. As an Investor, you are able to invest in any investment campaign on the infund platform from as little as S$100. This allows you to diversify your investment monies across many different campaigns. As we have a diverse base of Issuers, we are able to offer our investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in businesses that operate in a variety of industries (e.g. wholesale and retail trade, construction, manufacturing, information, and communications, etc.). At infund, we believe in revealing the identity and background of our issuers who are raising capital through our platform so that Investors could make an informed investment decision. Before our Investors invest their monies into any investment campaign, they will be provided with the essential background information on the Issuer, which includes its business profile (e.g. business name, date of incorporation, business registration number, paid-up capital, registered address, etc.), the Issuer’s purpose of taking the loan, and the important financial ratios of the Issuer for the past two years, etc. Investing in the infund platform is less costly as compared to investing in other similar crowdlending platforms. We charge a competitive investor service fee that is pegged to 1% of all repayment received as compared to the other platforms that typically charge a fee of 15%-20% of interest earned. With lower investment costs, you can potentially earn higher investment returns on our platform.
  • Will I as an Investor be able to sell the investment(s) that I’ve made on the platform to other infund’s Investor(s)?
    Unfortunately, we do not have a secondary market for investors to sell their investments. Investors should be prepared to hold their investment(s) until maturity.
  • What are the opportunities available for me to grow my wealth as an Investor through infund's platform?
    infund’s platform connects Issuers (SMEs) and Investors like yourself to help the Issuers (SMEs) to grow their business. Meanwhile, as an Investor, you have the opportunity to invest in them and earn an effective interest rate of 6% to 24% per annum.
  • How does the Investor Service Fee work?
    Take for instance an investor who had invested in an unsecured business loan investment campaign and the issuer has a repayment of S$1,000. The net amount of repayment that the investor will receive in this case will be S$990 after accounting for an Investor Servicing Fee of S$10 (i.e. 1% of S$1,000). The computation can be broken down as follows: Total repayment amount made by issuer: S$1,000 Total Investor Servicing Fee payable: S$10 (S$1,000 x 1%) Net repayment amount received by investor: S$990 (S$1,000-S$10) The Investor Servicing Fee will only be charged when a repayment is made by the Issuer, and will not be charged upfront at the time that the investor makes the investment.
  • Is my money safe?
    All members’ monies are held in a separate account under OCBC. Aside from the minimum balance (funded by infund to avoid unnecessary bank charges), at no time will the funds of infund co-mingle with members’ monies. Members’ monies are not used in any of our business operations. There will be a yearly certification performed by an appointed auditor that the members’ monies and infund’s funds are kept separated and do not contain discrepancies.
  • Is infund regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)?
    infund operates with a full Capital Markets Services License (MAS License No: CMS-100568-1) and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The License was awarded on November 11, 2016. The license enables infund to credibly provide opportunities to Retail Investors, High Net Worth Individuals, and Private Funds to access a new asset category of SME loans by applying a full range of exemptions under the Securities and Futures Act. This includes the offering of securities to investors under the Small Offers and Private Placement exemptions.
  • Are investments made contractually binding?
    Yes. A contract will be issued through the platform where Issuer and Investors are contractual parties to it. infund is not a party to the contract. These contract notes are enforceable in Singapore. Each contract is formed after a process of offer and acceptance occurring electronically on the platform.
  • What is the contractual agreement between Investors and the Issuer (SME)?
    When the Issuer (SME) accepts the offers, a provisional contract is formed between the Issuers and each allocated investor. Both the Issuer and Investors are bound by the terms of the contract note executed in this manner, having endorsed the platform’s terms and conditions. Once the final note has been endorsed by the Issuer, an email confirmation will be sent to the Issuer and allocated Investors. The details will also be updated on each respective account.
  • Is it possible that I have the list of defaulted SMEs?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to reveal the list of defaulted SMEs as the information is strictly confidential. Only Investors who have invested in the particular campaign/Note that has defaulted will be made known to it. The status of the campaign can be monitored under the “Investments” tab on your dashboard.
  • How do I change my bank account details?
    You may update your newly registered bank account detail by emailing us at In your email, please assist to attach the following documents: 1) Personal Identification Document no. (NRIC, Front & Back/Passport/FIN Card) 2) Snapshot of the bank statement that contains your name and the registered bank account number (existing and new bank account) To verify that your bank account details have been updated, you can check it under your Account Settings in your dashboard:
  • Are the notes secured against any collateral?
    All secured business loans are secured against collateral. In the event that the business is unable to fulfill its loan repayment obligations, infund will be able to sell or receive payment on the collateral and make repayments to Investors. As a mandatory requirement, the financial value of the pledged collateral must be greater than the total loan amount that the business wishes to obtain. For unsecured business loans, it is not pledged against any physical collateral. While not technically collateral, directors of the Business are required to provide personal/ corporate guarantees on their loan. In invoice financing, no assignment or transfer of the invoice is carried out. Instead, the invoice provides an indication that the SME is likely to receive an inflow of cash (i.e. the payment from the SME’s customer) on the payment date of the invoice, which will, in turn, provide cash for the SME to repay the invoice financing loan. Moreover, the directors of the Business are required to provide personal/corporate guarantees on the financed invoice.
  • Does infund allow those who are interested in signing up as an Investor to open a demo account first?
    Unfortunately, due to the regulations and confidentiality of the information provided on our platform, we are unable to provide a demo account. If you are interested in Investing, you can sign up for an Investor account to explore our platform before deciding to invest. You can register here at: If you need help with your registration, you can follow the detailed, step-by-step registration guide here:
  • Will the Investor Service Fee apply to the investments that are made through infund’s Auto Allocation service?
    Yes. The Investor Servicing Fee will also apply to investments made through infund’s auto-allocation service in investment campaigns that are launched on and after 11 December 2017.
  • Are my personal details kept private?
    Your personal information is kept with strict confidentiality. For enquiries on Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), you can contact us here. Upon registration, you would need to establish a unique display name that will be visible to other Investors on the dashboard (under the ‘Live Offers’ menu). When there is a successful match and you are an allocated Investor in a contract with the Issuer, for legal purposes, your real name will be included as a key term on the final contract note (See Contract Note under General FAQs). No other Investors will be able to see your real name or details, and note contracts are not disclosed, (other than to an Issuer) unless required by Singapore law or regulation.
  • How does the Investor Service Fee charged by infund compare with other crowdlending platforms in Singapore?
    infund’s Investor Servicing Fee of 1% of repayments is lower compared to the 15% of interest typically charged by other crowdlending platforms in Singapore. The table below shows the fees charged by our platform, in comparison to other crowdlending platforms. The reason why infund charges a Servicing Fee on repayments instead of interest, is because the amount of resources required to administer the repayments are not affected by the interest rate.
  • Who is eligible to be an investor?
    You may register as an Individual Investor if you meet the following criteria: 1. 18 years old or above; 2. A Singapore citizen or permanent resident, foreigner (with a valid passport) residing in Singapore with a valid employment pass, dependent’s pass, or student pass; 3. Have a banking account with a local bank or a foreign qualifying full bank in Singapore; and 4. Met the investor qualification and/or suitability requirements as assessed by infund. You can register as a Corporate Investor if you represent a Singapore-registered body corporation with ACRA (we do not admit charities and religious organizations) and submit the following documents: 1. Certified true copy of the latest ACRA Bizfile Business Profile Report 2. Certified true copy of the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement/Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A) 3. Proof of Identity of Directors/Partners/Managing Partners 4. Proof of residential address of all the authorized Directors/Partners/Managing Partners in the Resolution 5. Proof of local trading address, dated within the last six months 6. A corporate bank account with a local bank or Foreign Qualifying Full Bank in Singapore Upon registration, click on ‘Investor’ on the signup form and select ‘Individual’ or ‘Corporate’ under the ‘Investor Type’ field.
  • Can I make multiple offers?
    Yes, you can make multiple offers to the same or different prospective Issuers (SMEs) ‘LIVE’ campaigns as long as you have sufficient funds in your infund account. Investors can spread their risks by diversifying their investments across different businesses. View the full disclaimer HERE.
  • How can I spread or mitigate my investment risks on infund’s platform?
    We strongly encourage our Investors to diversify their investment portfolio across different investment campaigns and also across different SMEs operating in various industries. We will like to highlight that all forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amounts. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone.
  • What kind of returns can I expect and how are the investment return rates being determined?
    For secured, unsecured business loans and invoice financing, you can expect a target interest rate between 8% to 24% per annum. There are two types of allocation mechanisms that determine investment returns: 1) First-Come-First-Served – the interest rate is pre-determined by a prospective issuer where the interest rate is fixed on a matched note. 2) Auction – a market-driven approach that determines the final interest rate that is assigned to each matched note. A prospective issuer first indicates the target rate he is willing to pay. As an investor, you state your desired rate of return. If your offered rate is higher than the prospective issuer’s target rate, your offer is not eligible and cannot be accepted. Whether your offer is selected for acceptance depends on how competitive your offer is vis-à-vis other eligible offers. Only the lowest interest rate offers that cumulatively and eligibly satisfy the prospective issuer’s requested amount is selected for acceptance. The final rate assigned to all allocated offers shall be the highest rate in the selected pool, but not higher than the target rate.
  • Do I need to submit any of my personal documents when completing the “Investor Profile Registration Form”?
    In compliance with the requirements of a Capital Market Service license, all Investors registered on our platform are required to submit the following: 1. Documentary proof of your identity (i.e. a photograph or scanned copy of your NRIC, Front & Back/Passport) 2. Documentary proof of current residence (e.g. utility bill, internet bill, telephone bill, bank statement, credit card statement, mortgage statement, insurance policy statement, any bill/letter/statement issued by a government agency) [3-month validity from today, date of infund account creation] 3. A copy of your bank statement, clearly showing your name and bank account number you have registered with [3-month validity from today, date of infund account creation]
  • Will infund still charge the Investor Service Fee if there are no repayments made by the Issuer (SME)?
    The Investor Servicing Fee is only deducted when there is a repayment made by an issuer on their business loans to their investors.
  • Are there any reports that I can view or download for my account?
    To access your Reports, click on the Report Icon on your side menu: You can view and download 3 types of Report (in PDF & Excel format) from your dashboard based on the selected date range. eStatement – gives you an overview of your account including Accepted Offers and Earmarked Amounts within the selected timeframe. Repayment report – comprises an itemized listing of all repayments made within the selected period. Transactions Report – shows all transactions made within your account.
  • Will the amount of Investor Service Fee that I have incurred be reflected on my dashboard?
    Yes. The Investor Servicing Fee will be displayed in the ‘Your Investments’ section (see below image). To assess the ‘Your Investments’ section, log in to the platform and click on the ‘Your Investments’ icon found on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  • What is the effective interest rate?
    To calculate the Issuer’s effective interest rate (Y), we calculate the periodic interest rate based on the actual amount (PA) received. Theoretically, the formula to solve for the periodic interest rate i/m is below: The illustration shown has to be solved by iteration, estimation or using a financial calculator. After solving for i/m, the effective interest rate Y of the borrower can be calculated as follows: Y: effective interest rate I: nominal yield rate M: number of periods of compounding per year
  • What are the documents required to qualify for a loan?
    1) Main Applicant Clear NRIC (Front & Back) - 30% or more shareholding 2) Latest 3 months Bank statements (PDF format) 3) Director's 2 years NOA 4) Latest CBS (Dated within 1 month) 5) Photo proof of director's residential address (Dated within 3 months) 6) Photo proof of business address (Dated within 3 months)
  • How do I qualify for a loan from your platform?
    For unsecured Business Loans, the following criteria apply: 1) a Singapore-registered Private Limited and Limited Liability Partnership entity 2) have at least 1 year of accounts filed with ACRA or have been trading for 3 months 3) have a minimum annual turnover of S$100,000 4) Be able to provide a personal guarantee from a Singaporean/a Singapore Permanent Resident or a corporate guarantee from a Singapore incorporated entity” to be added after the minimum annual turnover criteria For Invoice Financing, the following criteria apply: 1) a Singapore-registered Private Limited and Limited Liability Partnership entity 2) have a total annual revenue of S$100,000 with a minimum of 12 months operating history 3) have tax invoices with fixed payment terms of 15 – 90 days from customers 4) the face amount of the tax invoice must be at least S$20,000 and above Regardless of the above, infund will conduct further credit due diligence and may impose additional requirements.
  • What is the loan tenure for all your financing products?
    For secured and unsecured Business Loans, the loan tenor ranges from 3 to 24 months. For Invoice Financing, the loan tenor is between 15 to 90 days.
  • Is the setting up of the Two-Factor Authentication a one-time requirement?
    Yes, you are only required to set up the Two-Factor Authentication once.
  • How does the Two-Factor Authentication work?
    The Two-Factor Authentication contains a security feature that requires you to enter a One-Time Password (“OTP”) as well as your User ID and Password every time you log in to your infund account. The OTP will be sent to your mobile phone number which you had registered with us.
  • How may I enable / disable the Two-Factor Authentication ( 2FA) ?
    You may enable/disable the Two-Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) by clicking ‘My Account’ ( top right of dashboard ) > ‘Settings’. Select the ‘2FA’ tab. You will see a screen similar to the image below. Accept the terms and toggle according to your preference of ‘Yes’ or ‘ No’. For the security of their account, infund encourages all account holders to log in with SingPass or enable 2FA.
  • Whilst trying to obtain and input my One-Time Password, I have been logged out. Could you assist me?
    To resolve this issue, please write in to us at: In your e-mail, please indicate: 1) Full Name and NRIC/Passport/FIN card number 2) Issues faced with regards to the One-Time Password Please allow up to 3 business days for us to respond to you. Once the issue has been resolved, we will notify you via email.
  • I am using foreign mobile numbers, can I still set up the Two-Factor Authentication?
    Yes, our Two-Factor Authentication system set up is able to send One-Time Passwords to foreign mobile numbers.
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