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Private equities and curated deal flow

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Sustainable SME investing

Gain exclusive access to venture-backed startups, late-stage deals, and fund offerings with InFund Equity.

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Crafted by experienced entrepreneurs, our goal is to provide transparency, accessibility and liquidity for early and growth stage investment opportunities.

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The platform is well connected with a community driven ecosystem, created within select networks of venture leaders.


The InFund Equity platform an extension of our values - selective, efficient, exclusive.

Investors expect access to a curated deal flow, varied private asset classes, and a network of likeminded, vetted investors and founders

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Curated Deals

Selected and qualified deals from early to growth stage companies

Effortless Investing

Simplify your investment journey with our intuitive platform



Approved, sophisticated investor groups can create syndicates to take positions and manage their investor base

KYC and Payment Rails

Streamlined identification and payments processing to save you time

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Transparent Insights

A single view to help you manage your InFund Equity investments


Secondaries Marketplace

Find secondaries buyers for your growing positions from across the InFund Equity ecosystem. Coming soon.

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