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Introducing IN-Shield

IN Fund presents IN-Shield, where investments are layered with added protection by Cash-IN-Asia, a subsidiary under INFT Group.


Cash-IN-Asia has been in the SME lending business for over 5 years, disbursing more than $15 million in capital to support the growth and success of SMEs.

With its proprietary credit engine to assess creditworthiness of its customers, this enables Cash-IN-Asia to make informed lending decisions. Thorough credit evaluation process and stringent standards help ensure the SMEs have the capabilities to service the loans on a sustainable basis.


Cash-IN-Asia proactively manages their risks by incorporating a margin for defaults in their overall performance management. This margin serves as a financial buffer, allowing them to absorb any potential losses without compromising the returns for our investors.

How IN-Shield Works


I Shield with IN-Shield

To subscribe to IN-Shield, please leave us your contact details below and our customer support team will contact you shortly. 

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